3rd Party Building damage Assessment

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During our building damage assessments, we establish the potential cause(s) of building/substructure damage. We conduct a thorough inspection of the cause(s) of damage, what areas have been effected, and create recommendations for repairs.

Third Party Building Damage Inspections are conducted to ensure all parties involved with the building damage claim are treated fairly. Building codes and industry regulations must be followed during the remediation and reconstruction process. Proper documentation of all stages must be executed and communicated to all parties involved. The amount of documentation necessary to expedite a large project is often the primary justification for an on-site, full-time, or third party administrator.

The IICRC S500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration states:

15.5 Administration

Regularly scheduled monitoring, inspection and evaluations are more crucial when processing a large project because of size, complexity, and potential variables. Many times a large project is administered or audited by a third party, ensuring transparency and fairness in billing. Even when projects are based on a measured estimate or bid, proper coordination of administrative practices during a large project is essential.

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