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causes of leaks

The most common cause of mold growth are leaks. There are many obvious places in your home where leaks can occur; i.e., within the roof, water heater, toilet, washer, faucets, and pipes, etc.

What happens is, a small leak develops and water trickles slowly into your home’s wall cavities causing stains to appear in your ceiling and inner walls. This is a very common sign of mold growth. This can affect your health and should be addressed as promptly as possible.


If you are concerned about moisture issues and leaks, check for signs in your roof, in and around cabinets, carpet, and walls. 

It is best to act at the first sign of moisture. Call a local leak detection professional that offers noninvasive testing services, such as Air Quality Assessors, and you will find you leak and excess moisture issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. 

roof leaks

Roof leaks are extremely common occurrence in our field and there are many causes. What’s important is that you address the leak as soon as possible and take the proper precautions to make sure it doesn’t continue to spread. 

Some of the causes of roof leaks are unavoidable like severe weather and natural weathering. Luckily, we have non invasive ways of finding the cause and surface area of the roof leak.

Other causes of roof leaks are:

hidden leaks

Leaks can hide in many different ways. They can hide in the form of cracks, bubbles, and discoloration of building materials. Cracks in window panes, paint and walls, including outdoor walls are all signs of a leak or excess moisture. Our noninvasive testing services enable us to solve your problems by finding leaks and excess moisture without damaging any building materials.

Areas in homes and buildings with unexplained moisture are also signs there is a hidden leak present. Rooms with hardwood or laminate floors where bubbling and discoloration appear out of nowhere, are typically in need of infrared leak detection services. Bedrooms with bubbling paint in the middle of the wall is a sure sign you may have a roof leak. Sometimes when leaks enter into buildings from the roof and intrude into the wall cavity, bubbling paint can be an affect and the first sign of excess moisture. 

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