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our process

The moisture detection process is very important to start as soon as signs are found because moisture on building materials can cause mold formation and eventually structural deterioration. 

Moisture evaluating is the action taken to locate excess moisture in building materials. Once the excess moisture is located, it is then documented and evaluated to create the proper credentials so that the drying and/or removal process can begin.

During this process, the source of the excess moisture is found, controlled, and all signs of effected building materials are contained and disposed.

signs of excess moisture include:

our moisture detecting equipment

Even though there are ways to visually identify moisture issues with the human eye, the source and scope of moisture issues are often hidden and special equipment is needed to aid in the detection process.

Standard moisture detection equipment that is used include a few different versions of moisture meters and infrared thermal imaging cameras. The results of using this equipment is far more detailed and measurable when determining where moisture is coming from.

The moisture evaluations from using the thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters are then used in the process called moisture mapping. Moisture mapping is basically the assessment of the results from using the equipment and the mapping out of where the moisture is coming from and the levels of moisture each area holds. 

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