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Recommending AQA for Upcoming Claims:

AQA is using Service Authorization with Direction to Pay contracts for all insureds where their policy was purchased in 2023. The contract allows AQA to bill direct to the claim with 90 day net terms to the homeowner. The new law states the carrier has 60 days to pay or deny, so within 90 days we will know if the file is going to litigation or appraisal, keeping the homeowner free of lien or collection.

If the file goes to litigation, AQA has the LOP (letter of protection) already signed from the insured in order to protect AQAs outstanding invoice, as well as the remainder of the claim proceeds. If it goes to litigation, the AQA contract, LOP, is contingent upon insurance settlement proceeds, so if the lawyer drops the file for any reason, we all drop the outstanding invoices as it is based on collection of Insurance proceeds.

If the PA settles the AQA invoice within 90 days or takes it to appraisal, AQA will pay the PA 10% of the money collected as a representative of AQAs invoice on a separate contract with the PA. AQA’s invoices are to be charged over and above the indemnity for the insured.

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