When Doctors Should Refer to Air Quality Pros

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Air quality is an extremely important factor in your health. It’s obvious, but it must be said – when you’re in a location with great air quality, you’ll feel a lot better when compared to a place with awful air quality. The air quality inside of your home is particularly important when you consider exactly how much time you spend inside those four walls.

When Should Doctors Refer?

So, when should doctors should send referrals to air quality professionals? This is a question to ask when a patient’s health is declining due to poor indoor air quality. At some point, it makes more sense to treat the cause of the issue rather than the symptoms themselves. How does a patient get to this point? Let’s talk about what causes these issues at hand!

Harmful Substances In Your Air

There are a variety of harmful substances found in the air such as allergens, mold, and VOC’s, or volatile organic compounds. Volatile organic compounds are substances that turn into a gas at certain temperature points which allows them to be inhaled. Harmful substances can come from both natural and man-made factors, but they’re all hazardous to health when inhaled in certain amounts on a regular basis. Mold, in particular, comes from the growth of spores where moisture and humidity is a catalyst.

Exposure Symptoms

If you’re exposed to these harmful substances for a period of time, there are common health problems that can arise. On a basic level, respiratory irritation can occur as well as irritation to the eyes and skin. Individuals can develop asthma-like symptoms, rashes, headaches, chronic pain, and other irritating health symptoms. This can be puzzling to those who don’t know what’s going on! If you’re dealing with these symptoms on a regular basis or they’re getting worse, it could be time to ask your doctor to send a referral to an air quality professional.

How Air Quality Professionals Can Help

It’s important to take a step further than treating the present symptoms and to refer air quality professionals that can help determine the source of the problem in the home. Companies like AQA can help ensure your symptoms will not return by taking the correct steps to solve an issue. We provide moisture evaluations, leak detection, mold and allergy testing, VOC testing, and more. With our services, you will be able to get a clear picture of the issue at hand and exactly what needs to happen in order for the problem to be solved and never return. We will make sure you understand all the steps you need to take, if any. With our years of experience making air quality the best it can be, you can trust our expertise.

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