Mold Exposure

Mold Exposure Treatments

Mold toxicity, mold sickness, black mold poisoning. These are just some of the names used to describe the ailments related to mold exposure. Mold exposure can cause minor ailments including headaches, coughing, runny nose, and body aches, but depending on the length of exposure and the severity of the mold, can cause serious conditions such …

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Black Mold Symptoms

what is black mold? Black mold, a species of toxic mold, is a type of fungus that thrives off of moisture-rich areas. Black mold can appear slimy, and often show up as darkly colored, speckled discolorations. There can be a distinctive smell with a musty odor, which is sometimes the first clue of a black …

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The Respiratory Rival

Part 2 of the Mold-ifying Series Res·pi·ra·tion (noun)1. the action of breathing. “opiates affect respiration”a single breath. plural noun: respirationsa process in living organisms involving the production of energy, typically with the intake of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide from the oxidation of complex organic substances Signs of the respiratory rival Itchy eyes, …

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