Why Is Water Testing Important?

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Water testing is important because clean and safe water is essential for good health. If a water source is contaminated, proper treatment needs to take place before it can be safely used. This applies to any type of water, whether it is drinking water, recreational water spots, or even water used in the agricultural sector.

What is the Purpose of Water Testing?

Water is tested so that bacteria and contaminates can be identified and properly eliminated.  Since water can potentially harbor deadly diseases, water testing has a very important purpose in society.

Water should be tested in the following three areas.

1. Household

A household’s water supply should be tested for bacteria and contaminants.  Even though local government and water regulatory agencies test the water, it is best that each household do the same so nothing will be overlooked. This is a simple precaution, but can ultimately sustain the health of a household.

2. Recreational

Recreational sources of water can be more difficult to test than a household’s source of water, but it is still worth the effort. Local pools and hot tubs are similar to testing a household’s water supply. It is the ponds, lakes, streams, and other natural sources of water that will present more of a challenge to test. However, testing these natural sources is necessary since they often harbor terrible bacteria that have caused disease and death in those who have chosen to swim in or drink from them. In order to keep up with these ever changing water supplies, they should be tested weekly.

3. Agricultural

Agricultural water refers to the water that is used to irrigate crops or is given to livestock for drinking water. Crops and livestock will be affected by the minerals and bacteria in the water given them, so their water supply must be tested and treated properly. After all, these items will someday be a source of nutrients for the human population and need to be safe and healthy for consumption.

What Do You Need to Know About Water Testing?

Water testing is a simple process, but it does require equipment to properly assess the tested water supply.  While it is more than just observation, it will take an observant eye to accurately assess the water.

1. Water testing should be done yearly.

A regular yearly water test will decrease the chances of water contamination and keep everyone who uses the water safe.

2. Just because your water doesn’t smell bad doesn’t mean it’s clean.

Smell is not always an indicator of good or bad water. There are times when an odor gives away that something is unhealthy; however, this test should not be the primary method of assessing whether or not water is safe. Some contaminants just do not give off a noticeable odor.

3. Pay close attention to well water.

Wells are notorious for easy contamination so they should be watched attentively at all times. Neighbors with wells should communicate about their well water assessments since nearby wells can often contaminate one another.

4. Bacterial illnesses take time to develop.

Not all illnesses will become apparent after a sip of water is swallowed. Sometimes it could take days or weeks to show any observable symptoms. This is why it is important to know the quality of water in a household, recreational area, or agricultural sector.

How Does Water Quality Affect Air Quality?

It is no secret that water and air affect each other and both affect human and animal health. Air pollution is one source of water pollution, and unfortunately, the pollutants cycle back and forth.  Water particles in the atmosphere mix with gases forming acid rain which pollutes the ground and water. This polluted water is then condensed back into the atmosphere to do it all over again.


Plus there are the obvious examples of mold and mildew negatively affecting air quality.  These are both produced by excessive moisture and bad air flow. This is why water and air testing are such important resources.


AQA is dedicated to serving homeowners by taking the correct steps to solve air quality issues. We provide moisture evaluations, leak detection, mold and water testing, VOC testing, and more. With our services, you will be able to get a clear picture of the issue at hand, and we will make sure you understand all the steps you need to take. With our years of experience making air quality the best it can be, you can trust our expertise. If you have any further questions or would like to schedule an air quality assessment or water test, call us today.

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